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Spring 2024: Dover to host a Middle School Boys team grade 6th-8th, and a Middle School Girls team grade 6th-8th. Other ages are welcome to join neighboring teams, please email for more information


Grades 6th-8th Boys

Grades 6th-8th Girls 

Head Coach: 

Scott McCartney - 330-340-0329

Austin Archinal - 330-365-7508

Opportunity: This age group plays Rugby 7's which is a very exciting and fast paced version of rugby. There are 7 players from each team on the field, playing (2) 7 minute halves with a 1 minute halftime. This is a contact game, but with adjustments to the adult rules for the safety of children. Dover Middle School Teams compete in the Canton League for a chance to be crowned Rugby Ohio State Champions.


Qualifications: Boys and Girls grades 6th-8th are welcome to join. No prior rugby knowledge required. 


Time Commitment: The middle school season practices one to two times per week March thru May with matches on Saturdays. We anticipate opponents being: Perry, Jackson and South Akron, so travel is minimal except for the Championship matches which will be in Columbus on May 18th. 


Cost: Registration for Middle School Rugby costs $130 ($45 USARugby/RugbyOhio, & $80 to Dover Rugby. A substantial portion of this fee covers Rugby Ohio/USA Rugby's costs to administer the rugby program (insurance policies, etc). Once registered, the player will be insured to participate in rugby events through August 31st, 2024. Each player will be provided shorts, socks and a warm up tee. The coaches provide jerseys on game day. The only other out of pocket costs would be for cleats and a mouthguard.  RugbyOhio does offer financial assistance to those who qualify. Please contact your coach if you need any assistance with fees or gear.


PARENTS: We can always use volunteers to help run practices/matches. This is also the easiest way for you to learn the game right alongside your child. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out.


Register at:




-The way RugbyXplorer set up registration, you will be provided team options based the players birth date. Though this is different than how you may have registered in the past, don't worry! We are still grouping kids the same way we always have.  


-You will be asked to enter your email address for RugbyXplorer to check if you have an account. If you registered a player previously, using the same email will save you time. If you haven't registered a player previously, or if you need to use a different email address, go ahead and enter your email and follow the steps to set up an account. 

- If after entering your email or setting up your account, you find yourself at a generalized registration page instead of the Dover Youth Rugby Page, you may need to search for the club. If you are searching for the club Type in "Dover" to search. Two similar options will populate. Be sure to choose Dover Youth Rugby. If you do not, the system will tell you registration isn't open yet.


- After you've entered the Dover Youth Rugby page, you'll see three drop downs. Under the Role menu, select "Player". Under the Team menu, select "Youth Spring". Under the Duration menu, select "Season". 


- From here, you'll complete the liability waivers, etc. and make payment. 

Panther Rugby MS Matches 4-2-22 (1624).JPG
Panther Rugby MS Matches 4-2-22 (1525).JPG
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