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Registration is now open for Spring 2023! The total cost to play is $75 if you played/Cipp'd in the Fall of 2022 or $155 if you did not play/Cipp in the Fall of 2022.


PLAYERS WHO PLAYED IN THE FALL OF 2022: As long as you CIPP'd in the fall of 2022, you are insured to play through August of 2023. You'll just need to pay $75 Spring dues. Please scroll down to do so.

PLAYERS WHO DID NOT PLAY IN THE FALL: You need to 1) CIPP with USA Rugby which costs $80.00 and 2) pay Spring member dues to Canton Rugby which costs $75. Both links are below but are paid separately. 

In order to be eligible to play in a rugby match, all players must be CIPPed. The Club Individualized Participation Program (CIPP) is USA Rugby's third party liability insurance coverage that protects you, the team, and the club from lawsuits that may arise from accidents that occur throughout the rugby year. Cost to CIPP is $80. You only pay to CIPP once per year and will be covered to play through August of 2023. Here's the instructions: 


  1. Go to

  2. Create a Rugby ID

  3. Enter the Email address that you normally use for rugby, ideally the same email address you used for registration in Sportslomo. Do NOT use a club address.

  4. Assuming you haven’t done this before in RX, you should see “You don’t have a Rugby ID”. Click on “Sign me up!”

  5. Fill in the fields. Note: on the first screen in “Sign-up to Rugby ID” make sure that Rugby Region is shown as “USA Rugby”. Click “Sign Up” to be emailed a link to verify your email. The system will check if you are known to USA Rugby.

  6. If you are known by RX, confirm your account and proceed. If you are not known by RX and are new to rugby, this is ok! Continue.

  7. If you are not known by RX and you HAVE registered in the past, stop and let us know by emailing We would need your first and last names and the Email address you entered.

  8. Go to your email account, open the message, and click on “Verify Email”. 

  9. A new browser window will open. Create your password and click the button.

  10. Proceed to login.

  11. Once logged in, you can Register via the link on the left-hand side! (You will search for your club, etc.)


Canton Rugby fundraises the majority of club operational costs. However, for the club to exist, we require club member dues in addition to our fundraising efforts. Player dues go towards indoor practice space, lining outdoor fields for practices and matches, referee costs, socials for after home matches (FREE FOOD AND BEER), purchasing team rugby equipment, team banquets, and awards. Men's Spring 2023 Dues: $75.  

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