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Get your piece of Canton Rugby History!

Over the years Canton has had many kits that hold many memories and take up a lot of space in our hearts and our storage facility. It was decided that it was time to "clean out our closet". That means you now have a chance to own a piece of Canton Rugby for yourself! These are all game worn for multiple years and though our coaches, captains, and volunteers have done a phenomenal job of keeping them in the best shape possible some may have some more wear and tear than others. Each listing will have a default front image and any with damage will have additional images so you can see what you're purchasing. Sizes of each jersey and a brief description of any damage can be found in the item description. These are only coming out of existing inventory and we will not be ordering more so if you want to get the jersey you or your family member wore you better act fast, these won't last for long!

Below you will find a brief history of each kit and years worn as well as front and back images to see the different designs and number fonts.

You can select to pick up your order at one of our practices Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8pm at Weis Park 2600 Harvard Ave Canton OH 44709 or you can add the flat rate shipping item to your cart to have it shipped to you! If selecting to pick up your order please reach out to Tim Orr via to coordinate.

Red and Blue Hooped Jerseys 2012-2016

Embroidered with DS in memory of Dan Sturtz these Gilbert brand jerseys had one of the most important tenures of the kits offered up for sale at this time. A timeless classic worn as Canton made it's presence felt throughout the Midwest. They saw a major influx of players as well as multiple playoff runs and even a trip to Chicago for the Midwest finals after the Fall of 2014! 

Easter Eggs 2017-2019

Affectionately known as the "Easter Eggs" due to a printing error giving them an almost pastel look. These 8 Man brand jerseys weren't around for a long time but they were here for a good time. They saw an evolution of Canton Rugby as it had new leadership for the first time in almost 2 decades with Dan no longer at the helm. The success stayed the same though with another trip to the Midwest finals after an undefeated 2016 Fall season!

Nathan's Patio Jerseys 2019-2023

These Up and Under brand jerseys are the newest offering we have. This was the first time Canton Rugby had a sponsor across the chest in decades. We are extremely grateful to Nathan's Patio for sponsoring these and former player Gabe Mullane for making them. They may not have seen a Midwest final like the others but they saw their own playoff matches and made it through a pandemic!

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