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We love to hear that you are considering coaching!  With our ever-growing rugby program, we are always on the lookout for coaches for all of our adult and youth teams! Coaching is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the game, and to tap into the part of you who wants to make a difference! If you - or anyone you know - might be interested in taking this next step, please message us! Rugby IS family...and your experience coaching will be unlike coaching other sports...with more value placed on character than talent.

A Level 100 "Foundations" coaching certification can be completed entirely online, and covers concussion awareness, rugby ready, safe sport certification and an introduction to coaching. Background check required and included in the process. Level 100 coaches can participate in coaching all levels of play, but they only can act in a supervisory role over non-contact practices and matches. A Level 100 coach is best suited for coaching flag rugby or assisting a middle school, high school, or adult coach. 

The Level 200 coaching certification involves attending a 1-day in-person coaching course taught by USA Rugby after completing the Level 100 online course work. The Level 200 introductory coaching clinic focuses on player welfare and the technical skills to play safely – specifically the tackle and the scrum. The assessment requires coaches to demonstrate effective coaching techniques, taught in the course. These techniques include teaching through games, technical skill development through progressions, and collaborative coaching. This course is suitable for all experience levels and will likely comprise a mix of veteran players/coaches and those new to the game – all benefitting from a free exchange of ideas/experience. Level 200 coaches can supervise both non-tackling and tackling practices and matches. A level 200 Coach is best suited for coaching any of our programs. Of course there are additional levels beyond the Level 200 and those can be taken as your coaching career progresses to the next level. 

Canton Rugby is currently in need of coaches at all levels and we encourage you to reach out if you are interested. Please don't let a lack of rugby knowledge hold you back. If you are willing to help us make a difference, we can teach you everything you need to know about the sport!The level 100 can be taken online anytime. The Level 200 classes are periodically scheduled throughout Ohio - usually in major cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. 

Please click here to contact us about coaching opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you soon!
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