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2023 Executive Committee
Town Hall Meeting Minutes & Newsletters

The 2023 Executive Committee looks forward to a successful year as we continue to build club membership and player morale while modeling respect for our fellow volunteers, players and opponents. In an effort to bring open communication back to the forefront of the club, we are committed to holding quarterly Town Hall Meetings which will be open to all Canton Rugby affiliates. An agenda will be prepared ahead of these meetings and any club member may request a topic of discussion be added to the agenda at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Each Executive Committee Member will report on topics relating to their elected position. All questions will be held until the EC has presented, and then we'll open the floor to questions and/or feedback from the members.  "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!". 

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Jason Doyle



Monica D'amico


Canton Rugby vs Queen City Rugby 10-15-22 final 52-17 (181).JPG

Justin Snyder 

Youth Commissioner

Catnton Rugby Practice (1).JPG

Jason Wilkins

Vice President


Keegan Gillilan

Match Secretary

Canton Rugby vs Queen City Rugby 10-15-22 final 52-17 (181).JPG

Josh Archinal



Stephanie Doyle

Press Secretary


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