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REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! Informational Packets and Schedules will be emailed out on Wednesday 7/26/2023 and can be downloaded here.


Below is the single day CIPP instructions. Cost for a single day CIPP is $15. 


Please download and read the Tournament Rules and Guidelines prior to registering for the tournament. Most FAQs are answered within this document. 

This event is a USA Rugby sanctioned event and all players must be CIPP'd to participate. If you are not currently CIPPd with a team, you may CIPP at large for $15.00. Follow these instructions to do so.

Part 1: Set up your RX profile (some of you may have already done this)

  1. Go to

  2. Enter in your personal email (NOT and admin/general email)

  3. You may see “You don't have a Rugby ID,” not to worry as once you enter more details the system will be able to pair you with your imported profile 

  4. Select sign me up, and you will be redirected to enter in your personal details

  5. MAKE SURE that USAR National is selected and not Rugby Australia 

    1. If you see  “We have found some profiles that might be you!” Please select your profile and click continue.

  6. You will be redirected to the Rugby Xplorer profile homepage 


Part 2: Register as Senior Player (Weekly Membership)

  1. Login to your profile (created using the steps above)

  2. Select Register in the upper left hand corner

  3. Go to find a club, select your profile, and select next

  4. Search “At Large” (select At Large Senior Club) and select next

  5. Choose the following options - Player, Senior Club, Weekly

  6. Confirm all your personal information is correct

  7. Upload a profile photo (or skip)

  8. Confirm all additional personal details are correct

  9. Update your emergency contact information 

  10. Review your Registration Summary

  11. Agree to the terms and conditions 

  12. Select Pay

If you have any questions that cannot be answered in the Tournament Rules and Guidelines (download here), please contact Tournament Director Jason Doyle at 330.412.2967 or contact us here.

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