26th Annual

2019 Canton Hall of Fame 7s Tournament

Registration is Open


July 27, 2019

Pro Football Hall of Fame

National Youth Football & Sports Complex

Canton, OH 44708


Men Teams - $250
Women Teams - $200
High School Teams - $150
Middle School Teams - $50


Early Bird effective until 11pm June 24th, 2019

Late Registration - Additional $25 per team, after July 14th, 2019

Deadline to register is Monday, July 22, 2019 at 11:59 pm

Any questions can be directed to cwright@cantonrugby.com 


The Canton Hall of Fame 7s Tournament was originally started as a Rugby 10s tournament in 1993 and was called the Canton Ruggerfest. In 2010, Canton RFC transitioned the tournament from Rugby 10s  to Rugby 7s to accommodate the increasing popularity of Rugby 7s in America. The tournament gets its name from the city of Canton’s biggest claim to fame: being the home of the NFL Professional Football Hall of Fame.


Our aim is to continually improve the quality of the Canton Hall of Fame tournament and make it one of the premier destination tournaments in the region. This year, the Canton Hall of Fame 7s Tournament will be played at the Pro Football Hall of Fame National Youth Football & Sports Complex. This will allow the matches to be played on 4 fields.

In 2018, Malone University added Men's Rugby as a sport at their institution, becoming the 1st ever collegiate rugby team in Stark County. To welcome the exciting new team at Malone, Canton RFC partnered with Malone University to host the Canton Hall of Fame 7s Tournament by offering 3 fields to help expand the tournament. This allowed the Canton Hall of Fame 7s to add a middle division to the available competitions.

From 1993 to 2017, the Canton RFC partnered with the City of Canton to host the Canton Hall of Fame 7s Tournament at Weis Park. During the same time period, Weis Park also served as the primary home field for the Canton Men's team.


Tournament Check-In: There will NOT be a Captains’ Meeting. Team Representatives must check-in at their division’s respective Executive Tournament Gazebo (see locations on map below) at least 30 minutes prior to their first scheduled match of the day. Final details for the tournament will be communicated at the time of check-in. We will send each team an Official Tournament Package the week prior to the tournament.


Match Check-In: We ask that your teams be ready to play AT LEAST TEN (10) MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED MATCH TIME AND AT THE ASSIGNED PITCH to help the tournament run as efficiently as possible. Both teams must be at midfield of the correct pitch for the coin toss at half time of the preceding match. If a team representative is not there for the coin toss, then the team that is present gets to choose both the side of field to defend AND which half they will kick off. A Forfeit will be awarded after three minutes of tardiness beyond the scheduled match start time.


Upon the completion of each match, it is the responsibility of the winning team to acquire the Official Match Report Sheet from the Referee and hand-deliver the sheet to the Tournament Director at the Executive Tournament Gazebo. FAILURE TO REPORT THE RESULTS IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE COMPLETION OF YOUR MATCH WILL RESULT IN THE MATCH BEING RECORDED AS A “0-0 DRAW.”



All participants must be CIPP registered with USA Rugby for 2018, play for only one team during the tournament, and not do anything that would jeopardize the continuation of this tournament in future years (see: Personal Code of Conduct listed below). High school players must be under 19 years of age and registered with their local governing rugby union. THE TOURNAMENT CANNOT POLICE EVERY TEAM AND DIVISION. IF A TEAM CAN PRODUCE MULTIPLE WITNESSES OR PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE OF TEAMS USING A PLAYER PARTICIPATING ON MULTIPLE TEAMS, THE TOURNAMENT WILL FORFEIT THE OFFENDING TEAM.

A player receiving 2 yellow cards in consecutive matches will result in disqualification of that player for the remainder of the tournament. The offending player’s name will be submitted to the Ohio Rugby Union and the player’s home union. A disqualification may be appealed to a committee of the Head Referee and the Tournament Director.

Teams may carry a tournament roster of 16 players, but only 12 of those players are able to participate in any single match. Teams must appear at the scheduled time of their match with at least 7 players. We will be using a rolling substitution format for each match. If a player is substituted out and removed from play, the subbed player may return to the match. Teams will be able to use as many or little substitutions as they wish. Substitutions must be done during stoppages and with referee permission. In addition, a player with a blood injury may return in accordance with Law 3.10. Any player deemed unable to continue, in the Match Referee’s judgment or Tournament Medical Staff’s judgment, is ineligible to participate again that day.


Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches regardless of division, barring unforeseen forfeits. Schedules and brackets will be posted online at CantonRugby.com/Hall-Of-Fame-7s and on Canton Rugby’s Hall of Fame 7s’ Facebook event page. Barring any significant unforeseen delays, teams can expect to receive at least 40 minutes or more between matches and the Tournament Directors will attempt to have each competition bracket completed within 7 hours from the time the first match in that competition is played.

Please note the posted schedules and brackets are TENTATIVE and subject to change at the discretion of the tournament directors. We strongly suggest you check the schedule the evening before the tournament for possible changes. Final schedules and brackets will be posted at the Executive Tournament Gazebos the day of the tournament.


All matches will be held in accordance with the Laws of the Game specified by the IRB, as well as any and all applicable guidelines set forth by USAR. All matches will be played on the fields on the Malone University campus. Matches will run in 20-minute intervals and consist of two 7-minute halves and a 2-minute half-time. Teams more than 3 minutes late for a match will automatically forfeit.

Each club must furnish a touch judge for their Seeding and Playoff Round matches. Assistant Referees are provided for all Championship matches.Attempts at conversion kicks are encouraged to be taken from the field of play due to the varying degree of difficulty in some of the in goal areas on some of the pitches.



Seeding Round: Teams will be placed randomly into groups for their respective divisions relative to age, competitive level, and gender. The teams will compete in a round-robin format within their groups to determine seeding for the Playoff Round their division in the tournament. The format and seeding of the Play Round is based on the total number of teams in the division and will be displayed on-site during the event.

Tie-breakers will not be played for any draws in the Seeding Round. Forfeits will automatically be assigned a score of 28-0 - four converted tries - in favor of the team that does not forfeit.

Playoff Round: The results of the Seeding Round will be used to rank teams for the Playoff Round with the Winner being defined as the team with the most wins. In the event of a tie when ranking TWO OR MORE TEAMS for the Playoff round, the tie will be broken by applying the following Tie-Breakers in sequence:

  1. Record

  2. Tries Scored

  3. Points Scored

  4. Try Differential

  5. Point Differential

  6. Penalty Kicks

  7. Coin Toss

In case of a tie at the end of regulation during the Playoff Round, the teams will compete in “sudden death” overtime to determine the winner. Sudden death will consist of 2 five-minute periods with a one-minute break. These periods will continue until a team scores.

Tournament Director's seeding is final and cannot be appealed.



All of the tournament matches will be played at Malone Univerisity. The field locations include Hazen Field and the fields by the Jewish Center. The address for Malone University's campus is: 2600 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH 44709. This is across Harvard Ave NW from Weis Park, where the Hall of Fame 7s Tournament has been held in years past.



There will be concessions provided near the Tournament Gazebos. In addition to lighter snack options, there will be hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, chips, BODYARMOR sports drinks, water, and soda available. Tournament t-shirts and other memorabilia will also be fore sale at the tournament including gear from Up-and-Under, the provider for the Canton Men’s 7s jerseys.


There will be no sale of any items allowed on the tournament grounds unless authorized by the tournament committee.



The post tournament social for the senior players will be held at Nathan’s Patio Bar and Grille (725 30th St NE, Canton, OH 44714). The start time is still TBD and we will try to post it as soon as we are able to finalize the tournament schedule with the number of teams.

The after tournament provisions provided for the High School and Middle School players will be at the main concessions by the Tournament Gazebo. Each player and coach will receive their choice of a hotdog or hamburger, chips, and bottle of water.



The Canton Hall of Fame Tournament hosts a diverse group of players and fans including numerous adolescents. We expect all participants and spectators to adhere to a basic code of conduct to prevent endangering themselves or others, jeopardizing the success and reputation of the Tournament, and to be good ambassadors for the sport of rugby. Some examples of proper conduct expected from all attendees include, but is not limited to, the following:

● Avoid using profane language

● Alcohol consumption is NOT permitted at Weis Park or on the Malone University campus. Violators are on their own if caught.

● Show respect for the opposition and the match referees.

● Make safety your first responsibility on and off the pitch.

● Compete within the Laws and Spirit of the game.

● Do not become involved in physical or verbal aggression.

● Do not change kit out in the open. Please, use the available restrooms for changing.

● Overnight camping or grilling are NOT permitted. Pop-up tents to protect from the sun are allowed during the daylight hours.

● Garbage and recycling containers are provided. Make every effort to use them throughout the day and do a final ‘sweep’ of your area when you are leaving the venue.



Any questions regarding these rules will be decided by the tournament director or their designee. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend the rules due to unforeseen circumstances, and or due to a change of perspective.